The Alignment Hour


Your zone of genius or your ‘niche’ is your SECRET WEAPON AS A BRAND.

It is a one-of-a-kind quality that sets you apart from the rest of your industry and lets you help specific people better than almost anyone else.

But let’s be honest - picking a niche is about as easy as choosing a pet.

There are too many options, you’re afraid you’ll pick the wrong one, and people keep kindly reminding you that you’ll need to be committed for life (no pressure)

The problem is, without a niche it’s so easy to get lost in the transient world that is social media. Knowing your zone of genius and having your own niche is THE most important element in making your business stand out, developing your reputation as a thought leader and reaching the people your soul craves to serve.

Let’s put it this way...

Would you hire a fashion designer or a bridal expert to design your wedding dress?

Would you prefer to see a specialist or your GP for specific health concerns?

And if you’re a new Mum, would you prefer to work with a post-natal weight loss expert, or a coach in your local gym?

Having a clear niche shows the world that you know your shit. You’ve spent more time, effort and money on this specific subject than the other kids on the Instagram block. Therefore when your ideal client is out looking for a way to fix their problem, your brand and business will naturally be the must-have solution and the answer to all their prayers.

Never be afraid to niche down. Not only is it the easiest way to up-level your business, but it is also the fastest shortcut to becoming a true influencer in your field.

Many business owners I come across are working in their zone of excellence; they’re scratching the surface of their niche and wondering why it’s a struggle to attract the perfect client. And this is why I have created The Alignment Hour - a one off coaching call that helps you uncover your zone of genius, once and for all.

After wasting thousands of pounds on branding and web design for a previous business, I couldn’t afford to make the same mistake twice. Kate really drilled down on my core values as a Life Consultant and helped create a logo, website and social media presence which not only spoke to my target audience but accelerated my online reputation. Everything was thought of, down to the colour of my shirt for my photoshoot! Within just two months I was fully booked!

Grab Your Alignment Hour

Book now if you’re ready to:

✓ Unearth your zone of genius

✓ Discover the secret ingredient that makes you excited to go it alone

✓ Build a business with strength, longevity and purpose

✓ Learn exactly what sets you apart from everyone else in your industry

Past clients include:

Health Coaches

Life Coaches


Spiritual Coaches

Health & Wellness Brands

Personal Trainers

Transformation Coaches

Directors & CEO’s

MLM Leaders

Wedding Services

9 to 5’ers Hungry For Change

Investment: £150

Location: Online via Skype or face to face in Cheshire

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